Our latest feature project is Durdham Water Tower, a twelve-sided reinforced concrete structure originally constructed in 1954. The existing roof had asphalt lined gutters and had been repaired with various liquid products over the years, and TCRC were chosen to install a brand new high performance liquid waterproofing system supplied by Triflex (UK) Ltd .

A grinder was initially used to remove any de-bonded materials from the surface, and the substrate was then cleaned and primed before applying the Triflex ProTect® System. In detail areas such as upstands and protrusions, Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre were incorporated into the system to provide additional strength and dimensional stability. Selected quartz aggregate was then embedded into the coating on designated walkway areas to provide the specified anti-skid properties.

In addition to the main roof area, TCRC also installed the Triflex waterproofing system to the treads of 75 internal concrete steps within the inner stairwell area, including a special yellow colour to each of the nosings.

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